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Command your armies into victorious battle

Z: The Game is a 2D battle strategy game from an overhead perspective. It is set in the future where you have to battle your enemy on maps that are supposed to represent different planets. The game itself is actually a remake of an earlier game, but it is not very well executed. The original game was popular in its day, but it has not stood the test of time.

Send your troops into battle on mass

Win the game by building the biggest army and piling your troops onto your enemy. Z: The Game has awful graphics that were bad when it was first released in the 90s and were still bad when it was released in 2014. There are objects and tiles of terrain pasted over and over again. It is obvious that many of the planet’s surfaces were rushed when they were created. The reason it was popular in the 90s is because it was promoted via demo disks in computer game magazines, and because Command & Conquer had just became popular and Z: The Game was one of the first clones of the Command & Conquer game.

Some people did enjoy and love this game

Some people thought this game was good and truly enjoyed it. The game kept things simple so that people could concentrate on generating troops and moving them on mass to destroy the enemy. There is very little need for strategy or timing. It is just a case of building your army as quickly as you can, and some people enjoy games that keep it simple in this manner.


  • The game can become addictive after a while
  • Seeing your enemies blow up is always fun


  • The game is very repetitive and likely to frustrate some players
  • It has very poor quality graphics

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